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Institute for Thripitaka Education

Development of Aranya Thripitaka Education (Forest Monastery)

Presently there are about 60 Residential monastics living ….

Thripitaka Education Institute

Resident monks spend time in studying Thripitaka, Atuwa, Tika, Atta katha, Vinaya, Pali & English …..

Preservation of Palm Leaf Manuscripts.

After Buddha Parinirvana, Buddha’s Noble Teachings known as Dhamma ……..

Helping students from deprived backgrounds 

Students who come from deprived backgrounds owing to economic…….

This Bhikkhu education institute intends to provide education to monks while giving priority to Thripitaka, Atta Katha, Tika, Pali and English languages. Student monks are trained for forest monastery tradition by this institute. In addition to providing academic education, it is expected to provide skills on the relevant practices and duties of monks, going for alms round (pindapatha), practise behavioural code for Bhikkhus, as well as to cultivate samatha (tranquil) and vipassana (insight) meditation. Through this education institute, we aim to endow well-disciplined and educated monks to the world. Every year 50 monks are enrolled and provided education for 3 years. It is expected to start initial construction of this institute in 2021. You can contribute towards this noble meritorious act.

  • Bank account details for contributing to Thripitaka Education Institute:
    Account number: 84822488
    Account name: Paramaththa Foundation
    Bank: Bank of Ceylon, Anuradhapura

Please let us know about your meritorious contributions for the convenience of both you and us.

Contact us: +94 25 570 40770/+94 7666 42882/+94 7727 74640

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