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About Us

Paramaththa Foundation – Where are we?

The ‘Paramaththa’ Foundation is the brainchild of the monks of Labunoruwakandha Aranya Senasanaya, located in Labunoruwa Grama Niladhari Division of Thirappane Divisional Secretariate of Anuradhapura District, in the North Central Province of Sri Lanka.

(3 hr 53 min (201.9 km/ 125.5 Miles) via Ambepussa – Kurunegala – Trincomalee Hwy/Ambepussa – Trincomalee Hwy/Dickson Moters Rd/Kandy Rd/A6. )

Inception and Administration

In the year 1999, the Forest Monastery of Labunoruwakandha was started by four monks., Venerable Mankadawela Sudhassana Thero, Venerable Mankadawela Nandarathana Thero, Venerable Sumanasara Thero and Venerable Gnanatilake thero. Presently, both Venerable Sudhassana and Venerable Nandaratana theros are among the Senior Preceptors and Advisors of the Monastery.

‘Paramaththa Foundation’ of Labunoruwakandha Aranya Senasanaya, is founded in the year 2019, on 28th August, under the direction of Venerable Kothmale Kumarakassapa Thero, who was trained under the tutelage of the Senior Theros (preceptors) of the Monastery. He is the present Chief Incumbent of the Monastery. which consists of 60 resident monks who are engaged in studying and practicing Dhamma, Bhavana, Vinaya, Pali and other related subjects.

Environment and Education

Paramaththa Foundation is one of the major projects initiated by Labunoruwakandha Forest Monastery, located in a salubrious climate, a haven for the monastics’ spiritual journey and a place, where the man and the beast both live in harmony. Elephants, Deer, Sambar deer, wild Boar and numerous types of birds hold the partnership in sharing this peaceful and safe abode of nature.

The daily routine of the resident monks consists of offering Buddha Puja, practicing Vinaya, chanting of Pirith (Protection all around), taking part in Pindapatha (Alms round), Bhavana (practicing the cultivation and development of mind), being responsible for the day to day running of the Monastery such as cleaning, meeting the laity, etc..

The resident monks’ learning programmes include studying the Thripitaka, Pali Language, Atta katha, Atuwa Tika and Bhavana methods of Samatha and Vipassana. Also, they study towards degrees offered by the Sri Sumangala Memorial Sabha of the Vidyodhaya Maha Pirivena, Sri Lanka as well as the Royal Pandit Degree, within the monastery premises.

Ordination and Higher Ordination, Observance of Rainy Retreat (Vassa), Katina ceremony ending Vassa, Celebration of Wesak and Poson which are central to the Buddhist practices are performed at the forest Monastery annually while observance of Sil (eight precepts) programmes for Laity is conducted on full moon days.

Sasanic and Social Services

The Paramaththa Foundation has taken the responsibility of preservation, protection and upliftment the Buddha Sasana, a long-term conservation practice for the benefit of all those who seek refuge in Dhamma, assisted by the analysis of present existing conditions as well as the challenges encountered in future.

One of the important objectives of this exercise is the protection and preservation of the invaluable National Heritage, the ‘Thripitaka’ and ‘Buddhist History’. In order to facilitate the privilege of having access to these valuable knowledge, free distribution of Thripitaka Texts and Thripitaka Tabs for the monks are being carried out by the Foundation.
Development of Thripitaka Tab is an innovative step taken by Paramaththa Foundation, for the benefit of student and practicing monks. This facility is to be extended towards the Lay Srawakas (followers) in future and the plans are currently underway.

Another major project of the Paramaththa Foundation is the inception and activation of Digitising Ancient Sinhalese Palm Leaf Manuscripts held by the libraries in different parts of the world so that researchers, scholars, monastics and all interested parties of Buddha’s Dhamma get the free access to these precious documents of Buddha’s wisdom. This is an ongoing project.

Further, within the monastery premises, ‘Paramaththa’ runs residential programmes to disseminate the knowledge in Dhamma among local and international monastics and the Laity. These programmes are extended towards a wider community via zoom technology, YouTube, radio and television and are not limited to Dhamma sessions including Sutta Discussions, Bhavana programmes, Q & A Sessions, Transference of Merits and Invoking of Blessings for the audiences of both local and international.

Village developmental programmes for economic relief, empowerment of the people and providing educational facilities to children are another aspect of the services rendered by the Paramaththa Foundation, at a local level. In order to carry out these programmes, Paramaththa liaise with governmental and non-governmental organisations, individuals getting assistance in the form of advice, equipment, technical know-how, financial support, by going through a SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis in team work.

Conservation of environment encompassing wild life and natural vegetation, launching annual tree planting projects are some of the activities the Foundation gets involved with the villagers and the village temples. These will enhance the survival of the natural environment and promote a just society endowed by nature with the remarkable gifts of the mind and body, who appreciates, nurtures and values the many gifts they receive from the environment.

Sabbapapassa Akaranam – Kusalassa Upasampada
Sachiththapariyo dapanam – Ethang Buddhana sasanam

“To avoid all evil – To cultivate good
To purify one’s mind – This is the Teaching of All Buddhas”.

Our Spiritual Advisors

Ven. Mankadawela Sudhassana Thero

Most Senior Preceptor & Advisor

Ven. Mankadawela Nandaratana Thero

Royal Pandit, Senior Preceptor

Ven. Kothmale Kumarakassapa thero

Royal Pandit Preceptor & Chief Incumbent

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