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Scholarships for students

Development of Aranya Thripitaka Education (Forest Monastery)

Presently there are about 60 Residential monastics living ….

Thripitaka Education Institute

Resident monks spend time in studying Thripitaka, Atuwa, Tika, Atta katha, Vinaya, Pali & English …..

Preservation of Palm Leaf Manuscripts.

After Buddha Parinirvana, Buddha’s Noble Teachings known as Dhamma ……..

Helping students from deprived backgrounds 

Students who come from deprived backgrounds owing to economic…….

Providing educational facilities to school children with poor family backgrounds is the main task of this project. Children who have lost their parents or are ultra-poor are provided with school uniforms as well as class fees for such children who sit ordinary level or advance level exams while helping them until they enter university. Moreover, they will be guided with improving their dhamma knowledge and discipline for them to become more fruitful children of the society.

You can contribute to this greatest task which is being carried out for the benefit of our nation’s children.

  • Bank account details for contributing to Scholarships for students:
Labunoruwakanda Aranya Senasana Adyapana Aramudala
Sampath Bank Super- Anuradhapura
Account No  102161004510
Swift Code – BSAMLKLX
Bank Code – 7278

Please let us know about your meritorious contributions for the convenience of both you and us.

Contact us: +94 25 570 40770/+94 7666 42882/+94 7727 74640

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